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Before picking a table lamp, you need to know for which purpose you need a lamp. There are two kinds of table light fixtures, the first is reading fixture and the second one is an atmospheric light. If you want a reading light, you should choose a beam light and for atmospheric lighting you may choose a light fixture with glass.

You will find out that some fixtures are very cheap, while others are very expensive. Some lamps have a fixed LED light, and they are made from flimsy plastic that will break after a few days of use.  It is important to check if you can replace the light bulb / LED strip in case of failure and the material of the lamp. We, at Ranor Lighting Design, use the highest quality materials with simple and convenient future maintenance in mind.

Within a wide range of lamp manufacturers, you will find different and even weird lamps which are all designed for the table. What will determine whether the lamp is suitable for your desk or not? First, try to distinguish stylish table lamps from their industrial brothers. Stylish table lamps are designed for homes and offices in mind, while industrial table lights are designed for abusive workshop areas and therefore are not very stylish. In addition, industrial type fixtures might need screws for mounting, while regular lamps might come with a stand or legs.

When buying a lamp for your desk, you should take in account your table size and the overall lighting intensity you currently have in your room. For instance, if you have a big wall sconce next to your table, it might already supply enough light for your table. At the same time, having a table lamp is crucial if you do not have enough light, and you have limited ability to work from the table during the night.