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How to Choose a Ceiling Lights

A ceiling lamp is a lamp that is mounted to the ceiling. This lamp gives a wide area of light and aims to be a light fixture that will illuminate the entire room.

Ceiling lamps have a lot of shape variationsSome of them might be circular, while others are rectangular or square. You may find other unique shapes too, like triangle or hexagon, but these shapes are usually harder to come by. You may buy a fixture which is flushed to the ceiling or one with a rode / wires which is hanging from the ceiling at a specific distance. We, at Ranor, produce custom hand-made fixtures with size and color variations according to the customer’s request.

There are a lot of ceiling lighting solutions you can choose from. For instant, you may install a flush mounted ceiling lamp in a bedroom and a ceiling light with a rode in your living room. In addition, take in place the ceiling light design, you should pick a light fixture which has a design similar to your other furniture in your room.

When buying a ceiling light, you may choose a fixture which has enough intensity to light up your whole room, but at the same time has not too much of light intensity. Be aware, ridicules amount of lumens can be hurt to the eyes and may make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, selecting a light fixture with little to no intensity might not light up your room properly, causing you to buy another light fixture in the near future.

In conclusion, ceiling lighting is not just a trivial matter, your choice may affect the look of your space.