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After a long day of work, when the sun begins to set and the magic hour is upon you, turn on a bedroom wall lamp from the expert designers at Ranor Lighting. We have brought together an incredible collection of wall lights for bedrooms and guest rooms for any family member.

Our goal is to uncover that incredible wall light design that transforms a private residence just as much as a hotel, Airbnb rental, cottage, or resort. Each of our bedroom wall lights are intended to provide the targeted, residual, soft, or sharp light that you want to set a relaxing mood where anyone can curl up for a quick nap.

At Ranor Lighting Design, we offer a wide variety of contemporary, simple, vintage, and task lighting for your bedroom wall light design. We even have pieces that look fantastic with the new trend in antique, vintage, or classic light bulbs. These are perfect additions to surround your bed, light up a side table, or provide enough low light for extended sleepers.

Ranor Lighting Design focuses on providing a blend of functional bedroom wall lamps that are attractive and mesh well with your interior design options. Each of our lights enhances the overall layout of your bedroom with creative complements to the flow of walking paths to where you lay your head.

With our bedroom wall lights, you get:

  • Bedroom wall lights for every style
  • Plenty of options for focal or soft lighting
  • Vintage to contemporary decorative elements
  • Ability to use a wide variety of light bulbs

Browse our many bedroom

wall lights listed below and find a solution that will elevate the overall feel of your space. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have through our support team available on our contact page.