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Wall art lights come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of price points. They offer you the flexibility to create unique decor, design, and layout decisions around your home or business. You can use them as room dividers, accent pieces, or general purpose lighting solutions for different areas from your family room to a personal office.

Creating visual interest with light is a great way to add character to any space. Light fixtures can be used as a focal point or combined with other decorative elements like wall art or mirrors to draw the eye up and down your wall.

You can have fun with art light fixtures. With a wide variety of styles and materials available, you can find one that matches your decor and is unique to you. It could be something that works as a conversation starter or ender or just to add the personal touch that matches your unique personality.

It’s important to remember that the overall look of your space is dependent on how all decorative elements work together. If you have a color scheme in mind, make sure your wall art lights fit within it. If not, go for something bold and unexpected!

  •  Add a touch of whimsy to your overall decor and design elements
  •  Create an atmosphere more aligned with your business or hotel branding
  •  Have a centerpiece that your guests and clients will point out to friends
  • Wall art lights are an easy way to add style and interest to any wall. They’re extremely simple to install. At Ranor Lighting Design, we provide wall art lights in a wide selection ranging from fun LEDs to classic halogen bulbs. We welcome you to browse our exceptional collection and find a fantastic piece for your residence or commercial space.