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Bathroom wall fixtures are one of the most necessary things you might have at your bathroom. As they may be the singular light source in the room, you have to choose the correct fixture type that will fit the best in your room.

Bathroom wall lights might have many style variations. For instance, some of them might have single light bulb, while others might have multiple light bulbs. Some are made from brass while other are made from plastic. In addition, you should not choose a light which is too powerful, it might hurt your eyes and will make your stay in the room unpleasant .

Ceiling lights are mounted on the ceiling while wall lights are mounted on the wall, making the wall light more flexible than the ceiling light. Installing a bathroom wall light fixture on above the mirror enables you to see better while you are putting on makeup by lighting up your face. This is impossible to achieve with a conventional ceiling light because the light direction is only from the top.

At the bathroom, there is a high percentage of humidity and in some cases water splashes. You should buy a water sealed fixture which is designed for bathroom use, and which is epoxy colored (in order to preserve the original color). Also, you may buy a lamp with a diffused light so it will illuminate the whole room with gentle but sufficient light. Choose a warm white 3000K light temperature.

Your bathroom might be a small room and even the smallest room in your house. You have to check that the lamp you want will fit in the space. Take into account the wall’s power point placement and the lamp’s power point placement. In some cases, you may only have a power point in the ceiling. In this situation, consider buying a good ceiling light instead or ask an electrician to make you one. Another recommendation, choose a lamp which is smaller than the mirror.

Every bathroom should be a peaceful sanctuary from the rest of the world. A special space where our privacy is respected, and we can finally get those few sacred moments away from work, family, friends, and anything else to reset our mental clarity. 

That is why Ranor Lighting Design has created a collection of some of the best bathroom wall lights available. We know you want more than just a light for basic needs. You want a bathroom wall light fixture that allows anything from brushing your hair before a date to carefully shaving away that three-day scruff build-up. 

We go a step further than the rest. We find those incredible designs that are sure to make your guests notice the details of your bathroom wall lights design. Many of our clients operate vacation homes, B&Bs, or full-scale resort hotels and are in need of pieces that elevate the overall look of their bathroom space. 


For us, it is all about finding those unique designs that complement the overall setting of your interior design. We want our bathroom wall lights to add to the overall feel of comfort, privacy, and targeted lighting needed for any bathroom activity. Whether making a warm bath to relax or managing those first gray hairs, we have a solution for you. 

With our eloquent bathroom wall lights design, you get: 

  • Soft and diffused lighting options for gentle moods
  • Targeted lighting above and around your vanity or mirrors
  • Vintage, classic, and contemporary designs 
  • Cross-functional pieces for LED, classic, and vintage light bulbs


Browse our many bathroom wall lights listed below and find a solution that will elevate the overall feel of your space. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have through our support team available on our contact page.

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