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When we first created Ranor Lighting Design, we had no idea how popular and in-demand our products would be. What started as a love of interior design has grown into a deep appreciation for bespoke illumination. 

That is why we have expanded our wall brand with modern wall lamps that fit the needs and tastes of clients with a more contemporary leaning in their design choices. Our in-house buyers and custom designers have combed through all the latest trending modern wall lamp fixtures to provide you with an abundance of options. 

We want to elevate your living space with truly unique designs your friends, family, and guests will remember. Those rare pieces that stand out in people’s minds and add flavor to any hotel or Airbnb review. When you shop Ranor’s modern wall lamps, you are selecting some of the best quality options available on the market. 

We at Ranor Lighting Design wanted to go a step further and uncover some luxurious items for our clients. These are the modern wall lamps that transform your sitting area or bar corner into an intimate and thought providing space. These are the specialty pieces that will make your next boutique hotel stand out from the rest. 

With our modern wall lamp designs, you get: 

  • A blend of modern elements, art, and functionality
  • A wide variety of pieces that fit practically any style
  • Fixtures that work with any modern light bulb
  • Details that your guests will celebrate

Browse our many bathroom wall lights listed below and find a solution that will elevate the overall feel of your space. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have through our support team available on our contact page.