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Take a moment to look at any social media platform, and you will find brass wall lights lining the homes and businesses of influencers. From the incredible moms renovating 200-year-old homes in New England to the college interior designer custom building a tiny house on the coast, brass wall sconces are making a huge comeback. 

When you select any of the brass wall lights from Ranor, you are getting a piece that gives off a bespoke natural look. These are the polished appearances of metal that do not corrode and offer that particular patina that deepens the overall appeal of your living space. These are high in demand products for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. 

All of our brass wall sconces add a bit more character to your interior design options. That subtle detail that enchances the space and makes your guests want to linger a bit longer. Picture that perfect cozy corner with a couple of brass wall lights directing soft illumination for relaxing in soft chairs. 

Brass wall light design allows you to carefully outline and frame practically any architectural feature. They offer a wonderfully luxurious offset to paint colors, wood and metal materials, and accents in your home that celebrate the overall design of your living space. These are excellent options to use next to artwork and other curated items. 

With our brass wall lights, you get:

  • Incredibly unique design pieces with a wide application
  • A broad choice of vintage, contemporary, or modern design
  • Metal that is polished, treated, stamped, and more
  • Ability to use modern, vintage, or LED light bulbs


Browse our many bathroom wall lights listed below and find a solution that will elevate the overall feel of your space. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have through our support team available on our contact page.