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Your bathroom sees a lot of daily activity. Whether rushing the family so everyone is ready for school or nailing down that perfect look for a night out with friends and possibly that special someone, having the right bathroom lights is essential to your life.

With Ranor Lighting Design, we provide a wide range of bathroom light fixtures that can set the atmosphere you want to match your overall design themes or elevate your grooming capabilities with specialty bathroom lights that eliminate unwanted shadows for makeup, shaving, or other personal grooming.

Finding the right bathroom lighting design has a more well-defined purpose than other rooms in the home, business, or hospitality space. You want the occupants to have a strong light source that does not create unmanageable glare while still providing enough light, so no one is tripping over a rug or pet late at night.

Ranor focuses on providing modern and classic bathroom light fixtures that elevate your room. Our goal is to combine the necessary illumination needed for essential grooming activities with the attractive look of a well-designed light.

Every bathroom experience should involve an enjoyable, relaxing space with the lighting support that:

  • Allows you and your guests to safely navigate the room
  • Has precise light distribution around the bathroom fixtures (toilets, showers, etc.)
  • Gives you options of direct, diffused, true, or warm light colors
  • Fits the overall feel, design, and theme of your home or business

Take a look at the different bathroom lighting options we have listed below to better understand what will work in your setting. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have through our support team available on our contact page.

With Ranor Lighting Design, you get the expertise needed to enhance and elevate your home, office, hotel, institution, or commercial bathroom space.