Circle Hanging Prism Model

A modern glass prism pendant chandelier in a gorgeous brassy gold, this light fixture will look amazing over your dining room table or kitchen island.


Swatch image black matte
Swatch image brass no lacquer
Swatch image brass with lacquer glossy
Swatch image brass with lacquer matte
Swatch image white matte
Swatch image amber glass
Swatch image clear glass
Swatch image sandblast (matte)
Swatch image Black
Swatch image Transparent


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Ranor lighting design is a manufacturer of both contemporary and nostalgic lighting. Everything is hand made with soft care.

All the products are designed by our leader designer, Jacob Erez art.



  • The base dimensions depend on the number of the units.
    • Base shape – circular or rectangular.
    • Base length for six units- 85 cm (33.4in) X 4 cm (1.5in).
  • Overall unit length – 22 cm (8.6in).
  • Prism glass diameter 40 mm (1.5in).
  • Prism glass length – 15 cm (5.9in).



  • Brass.
  • 1 – 6 units.
  • Color
    • Lamp – brass with no lacquer, brass with matte lacquer, brass with glossy lacquer, matte black, matte white.
    • Prism glass color – amber, clear or matte sandblast.



  • This light is compatible to be used in:
  • USA  110volt.
  • EU / UK 220~240volt.
  • AU / NZ 220~240volt.
  • 1-6 Standard G9 Edison socket, 110v, 220v. Bulb is  not included.
    • The bulb can be purchased at any electrical store in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia.



  • Worldwide shipping available.



  • Color can be customized, please send me a message if you wish to customize your order.
  • Dimensions can be customized, please send me a message if you wish to customize your order.
  • For customers who want the lamp with electrical wire:
  • We can make the lamp with a power cord that will connect to the power outlet.
  • You can select the power cord in a transparent, black, and white color.
  • The length of the power cord is 150 cm *59 inches.
  • For customers who live in the USA, we give a power adapter to the USA.
    • If you are interested, send me a message.


  • For customers who want the lamp with (electricity) switch:
    • We can make the lamp with switch, and it will be on the side on the base.
    • If you are interested, send me a message.



  • All the lighting fixtures with time are oxidized with lacquer and without lacquer,
    because the brass metal is a metal that breathes.
    The lacquer only inhibits oxidation and gives light to the metal.


Number of bulbs

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


circular, rectangular

Lamp Color

black matte, brass no lacquer, brass with lacquer glossy, brass with lacquer matte, white matte

Glass Color

amber glass, clear glass, sandblast (matte)

Wire Color

Black, Transparent

Ceiling height

2.6 meter ( 8.5 foot), 2.8 meter ( 9.2 foot ), 3 meter ( 9.8 foot ), 3.2 meter ( 10.5 foot ), 3.4 meter ( 11.2 foot ), 3.6 meter ( 11.8 foot), 3.8 meter ( 12.5 ), 4 meter ( 13.1 foot), 4.2 meter ( 13.8 foot ), 4.4 m ( 14.4 foot), 4.6 meter ( 15.1 foot ), 4.8 meter ( 15.7 foot ), 5 meter ( 16.4 foot ), 5.2 meter ( 17.1 foot ), 5.4 meter ( 17.7 foot ), 5.6 meter ( 18.4 foot ), 5.8 meter ( 19.0 foot ), 6 meter ( 19.7 foot )






This light is compatible to be used in: USA Compatible 110volt. EU Compatible/ UK Compatible 220~240volt. AU Compatible/ NZ Compatible 220~240volt

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping


Our fixtures are hand made in our workshop. Manufacturing time is up-to 14 days.


  • Free shipping is up-to 14 business days.
  • You can upgrade the shipment to express shipping up-to 4 business days.

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