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The Necessity of Light to the Salon

The salon is used as a family room and as a guest room. As a result, we might want to give the room homely atmosphere by using furniture and lighting solution that will emphasize the unique design of the salon. When we plan lighting for the salon, we should use multiple light fixtures, so we will have flexibility in the design of the room.


Ceiling lighting

Ceiling lighting solution may be composed of one light fixture or from multiple fixtures. We may put a small, less powerful light fixture above the seating area in the salon.


Choosing a light fixture

When we choose a light fixture for the salon, we need to take in place the different colors we want to emphasize. For example, a salon with the color white as the main color does not need a lot of light as a salon with dark colors. In addition, if we want to add warm atmosphere, we might use yellow colored lights. Luxuries salon may have a chandelier light fixture.


Adding Standing Light Fixtures

In our salon, we may want to create discrete seating areas where the people can control the light independently. Thus, we can use standing light fixtures in some seating areas. Standing light fixtures may be very minimalistic and stand on a table or on the floor.


Combining Natural Lighting with Artificial Lighting

On the daytime, we can open the curtains and let the sunlight lit our salon. In the reality, we mostly accommodate the salon at nighttime where there is no sunlight outside. Thus, we have to use artificial lighting in order to light the salon at nighttime.


Light Fixtures as an Art Piece

In case the salon design is uniformly or luxuries we should make sure the light fixture is according the design of the room, for instance, modern or classical design. Different light fixtures can lit out in different shapes and textures.


To sum up, lighting the salon properly is an important factor in the design of the salon. We recommend you to take the time and to choose the best for your salon!

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