Room Lighting – How?

In the field of interior design, the importance of adapting the right light in every room is great.

It is important to understand that it is not possible to use the same lighting in all the apartment’s spaces. Thus, choosing the proper lighting option should be done by a professional.

The Bathroom

When it comes to lighting in the bathroom, the recommendation is to equip milky light fixtures with a white light. The milky light will emit light uniformly while the white light will give a sense of space, romantic and intimate mood to the room.

In bathrooms with dark-colored floor and walls, it is critical to use a stronger yellow lighting, which known for highlighting the shades and coverings much greater areas than the white light.

Above the makeup mirror, it is popular to use a wall-mounted warm LED light fixture. This will allow simulating the makeup colors as they would look in the daylight outside.

The Bedroom

In this space, the recommendation is to disperse a number of bedroom lamps, together with a central lighting fixture. The central lighting fixture should give the room a warm and intimate atmosphere without over-lighting by placing a light fixture at places where the light is not bright enough. In addition, you can add a desk lamp or a reading lamps. Those lamps add a touch of design to the room itself and will illuminate in a focused way without disturbing the other partner in the bed.

Living room

We use this space as a place where a variety of activities take place, such as, reading, playing, hosting and watching television. The rules of thumb for lighting for the living room include the use of ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures, as opposed to ceiling-hanged lighting fixtures (such as the massive chandeliers) that draw attention to the space upstairs and not to the living room itself. You may add a stylish lamp that will contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.

If there is an impressive picture with a presence in the living room, it can be highlighted by a separate light source by using a ceiling spotlight or by a wall-mounted lighting fixture with a focused light beam.

The Kitchen

Kitchen lighting design is constructed in mind to light the kitchen’s operating areas. The integration of lighting in this space is not solely based on the design, but on one that will give the work space the lighting it needs according to the different operating areas. First and foremost, it is important to use strong, focused LED light above the countertop. You might use long LED profiles or ceiling-mounted light fixtures in the kitchen.

It is very influential to illuminate the work surfaces with white light (4000K), which is closest to the white color and the human eye is already accustomed to. It will reflect the most accurately colors of the kitchen and the food products we have.

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