Everything You Have Wanted to Know About Kitchen Lighting and Profiles

The kitchen space requires strong lighting in order to enable us to work in the surrounding area and to be a comfortable place for us.

Here are 14 important features to consider before buying kitchen lighting:

  1. Choose the light that blends with your kitchen’s design style, for example, modern, rustic, British, Provencal or high-tech.
  2. Check to see if the manufacture can produce the profiles in the shape you want and in any length and color.
  3. Strong lighting fixtures allow us to see what we do on the work surface, there is nothing better than having a lot of light in the kitchen. The LED profiles we produce, give a strong light intensity, are very special and delicate.
  4. The “cold” light (6500 Kelvin) gives approximately 20% more light than the “warm” 3000 Kelvin light, due to the fact that cold light’s lumens are greater.
  5. It is critical to check that cold light (6500K) does not dazzle you. Some people are sensitive to the cold light and want warm light temperature. Others like the cold light because it gives more light. You can also combine the two or put an intermediate light (4000 Kelvin).
  6. In order to know how much light the profile gives, you have to look the lumens per meter rating and not on the watts per meter rating.
  7. The type of the LED strip within the profiles: there are a lot of non-quality LED strips with a very short life span. It is important to know what you will get and how many LED diodes per meter are in the strip. If there are fewer diodes, you may see dark areas in the profile. Our LED light ribbons that we put inside the profiles are very strong and give a uniform light.
  8. It is significant to check that the LED strips are not permanently attached to the light fixture, and you can replace the LED strip or the transformer in case of faulty operation (There are built-in non-repairable LED strips).
  9. The transformer / driver is the brain of lighting. The quality of the transformer is varying from brand to brand, and a good transformer is the most indispensable thing in the light fixture.
  10. Is the transformer rated to drive your LED strip? Most of the LED strips today are 24 Watts per meter. If the profile has a lot of meters of LED strips, it is important the transformer will be strong enough to drive them.
  11. Notice if the transformer is inside the profile, so you will not have the wires hanging out of the fixture and the transformer mounted on the wall.
  12. If you have a plasterboard ceiling, and you put the transformer inside the ceiling, it is influential to write where you have put the transformer. In case of a fault, you might not be able to remember where you have installed the transformer.
  13. The power cable hole in the profile: when mounting the profile to the ceiling, you want to align the power outlet in the ceiling with the power hole of the profile. You have to check the dimensions before you buy the profiles.
  14. Product warranty:  check how long you are responsible for the product.

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